Root Canal Treatments

A root canal is a treatment of the pulp of the tooth (the soft substance in the centre of the tooth) that is inflamed, infected, or dead. Having a root canal can save the tooth from extraction.

Causes of damage to the pulp or nerve include:

  • Pain
  • Abscess
  • A deep cavity
  • Trauma
  • Repeated dental procedures

A root canal removes the pulp. Once it is removed, all the canals and pulp chamber of the tooth are disinfected, and the tooth is filled and sealed to prevent bacteria from entering. The treatment may take several visits to complete.

Is a root canal painful?

If you are squirming in your seat at the thought of a root canal then we can assure you that most people say that a root canal doesn’t hurt any more than getting a filling. Most patients are able to return to their normal activities immediately following treatment.

Since a person needing a root canal is often already in pain due to the damaged, infected tissue in the pulp, the removal of the tissue stops the infection and relieves the pain. Recovery time is minimal.